👋🏼 We make a ton of small changes on Subeta day to day, deploying code to the servers at least three times throughout the day and sometimes over 50 times on busy days. It doesn't seem like that from the outside, so this is a somewhat detailed, somewhat complete, change log of the changes we've pushed to the site. Think things like small economy tweaks (quest prizes, main shop prices), RNG tweaks (prize chances) and bug fixes that don't require a whole post.

NOTE: This is an experiment in running this change log while pushing out code. I'm hopeful that it'll work out but please don't be mad if it stops getting updated! This has been launched alongside Subeta Server Status, where you can see the current server status and any recent incidents. These will be tweaks or behind the scenes updates that don't impact your gameplay (hopefully), and anything posted at length in the news is unlikely to make it here (but updates to it will)

Subeta Change Log